Foundation Funding

Grants and charitable contributions are integral to helping the Foundation fulfill its mission. All contributions are carefully screened by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors for real or potential conflicts of interest.

Core Operations will be run on a day-to-day basis by the Executive Director and will be funded through:

  1. FDA funds specifically prescribed under the statute to be appropriated to the FDA and then transferred to the Foundation ($500k-$1.25m)
  2. Donations from not-for-profits
  3. A fixed % of programs’ total direct costs

Funding and in-kind contributions for programs come from project and program partners, to support the project or program in which they are participating. Project or program partners can be foundations and other non-profits, government entities, or industry companies.

The Foundation maintains discretion to accept or refuse contributions.

Reagan-Udall Foundation Funding 2009-2013