BD4P Training Workshops

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The BD4P Training Program will facilitate meaningful participation in biomedical big data research efforts and initiatives by equipping trainees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to both navigate and impact health research, policy, and funding decisions. The Program will be launched with in-person training workshops aimed at patient advocates who are interested and active in big data work.


The goal of the BD4P Training Program is to ensure that the patient voice and patients’ needs are central drivers of big data research efforts in biomedicine. Program participants will engage in lecture, discussions, and activities about the what big data is, how it is being used, and its impact on patients. Relevant topics – such as data sharing, data access, privacy, and consent – will be explored using real-world case examples in a learning structure that is tailored to adult learners.

Program Objectives

The training course and curriculum are focused on four main program objectives:

  1. Increasing awareness of big data research and how those efforts affect patients
  2. Enhancing scientific literacy in the basic concepts and key vocabulary of big data
  3. Developing a community of informed and empowered patient advocates
  4. Building a community of practice that encourages patient participation and information exchange


Second BD4P Training Workshop

The second BD4P Training Workshop was held in April 2017 and featured a new format with independent pre-work sessions, webinars, and a 1 1/2 day in-person training workshop.

Updated resources from this workshop can be found here.



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