IMEDS Charter

The IMEDS Draft Charter Document is modeled on the OMOP Charter and Mini-Sentinel Principles and Policies documents. It outlines the process for creating the IMEDS Research Agenda, who will participate in IMEDS research, the IMEDS governance plan, and more.

A draft version was approved by the RUF Board on April 2, 2013. From April 2 through May 20, IMEDS received feedback from the general public on this draft Charter. This document summarizes the individuals that provided feedback, the feedback received and how the IMEDS Charter would be modified based upon this feedback. The current version of the IMEDS Charter, which incorporates these aforementioned changes, was approved by the IMEDS Steering Committee on August 19, 2013.

RUF welcomes any feedback or questions on the Charter – please email any comments, questions or suggestions to Troy McCall, Program Director for IMEDS, at

For a brief overview of the IMEDS Charter, please refer to the IMEDS Charter Overview.