IMEDS Governance Structure

Governance Structure for the Innovation in Medical Evidence Development and Surveillance (IMEDS) Program

Defined roles and responsibilities for IMEDS Governing Bodies


  • RUF Board: selects IMEDS Steering Committee members; reviews and approves IMEDS partnerships, budget; evaluates effectiveness of IMEDS; assists with IMEDS fundraising
  • IMEDS Steering Committee: reviews and approves IMEDS Research Agenda; provides guidance on IMEDS partnerships, external communications; selects IMEDS-Methods Scientific Advisory Committee members
  • IMEDS-Methods Scientific Advisory Committee: provides input on IMEDS Research Agenda, research proposals, and research work products
  • IMEDS Privacy Panel: provides expertise on IMEDS privacy and ethics issues; reports to RUF Board


Please refer to the IMEDS Charter for detailed information on the IMEDS governance plan.